Award: TWICE Picks Awards
Product:  CLR® 3 Series
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About TWICE Picks Award: The Twice Picks award winners are chosen anonymously by TWICE editors and other industry experts based on the screen’s innovative design qualities and functionality.


About the Light-On CLR® 3 Series: The Light-On CLR® 3 series is a category of Ceiling Light Rejecting (CLR®) solutions designed to work only with Portable Ultra Short Throw Projectors that combat the wash-out effect in bright ceiling light rooms such as classrooms or living rooms. The portable products are available in a 55” (4:3) tripod and 60” (16:9) folding-frame variant.

The portable Light-ON CLR® 3 series use our innovative micro structured front projection material that is designed to absorb overhead light which results in retaining a contrast rich image.

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