Leinwand Trigger

We often receive inquiries from customers who would like to buy an automatic screen! If you ask more closely, these customers have mostly seen at a friend's how the beamer and screen are started at the same time, as if by magic, and in some cases the light went out, and the shutters went down at the same time. In order to increase comfort, or simply to make operation and control easier, there have been room controls for conference rooms, e.g. from Crestron or RTI, for as long as beamers have existed. These room controls are becoming more and more popular and are on everyone's lips today under the keyword Smart Home. Elite Screens as a brand manufacturer builds control modules for room controls into its series of motorized screens right from the start. No matter whether in the entry-level Spectrum series or the upper class screen of the Saker series. The previously used RS 232 interface has been increasingly replaced by so-called radio triggers in recent years. What does that have to do with the "automatic" screen? A motorized screen should be integrated as inconspicuously as possible in the living room and only extended when necessary, i.e. when the projector is switched on. This is exactly what a trigger regulates. What very few know is that almost every projector has a standardized trigger output (picture). Whether for 300 EUR or 10,000 EUR, you will find the screen trigger output on (almost) every projector. The idea is to use the projector to control the other components, i.e. to give a signal when the projector is switched on, so that you can also contribute to the home cinema experience. In contrast to no-name screen manufacturers from China, all Elite Screens motorized screens therefore offer this trigger as standard. The Saker series even includes a free wireless radio trigger in the scope of delivery. This radio trigger eliminates the need to lay a trigger cable from the screen to the projector, which is usually a laborious process, which is a huge advantage, especially in the living room. Our video shows how easy it is to set up the screen trigger. With the projector you don't usually have to set anything, the trigger output emits its signal automatically.

It can therefore be said that every Elite Screens motorized screen is an "automatic" screen and you can therefore use this convenient function with your existing projector screen combination at any time, provided you have already "treated" to an Elite Screens screen when purchasing it.