Elite Screens is dedicated to bringing the big screen experience to your home. For this reason we have developed our latest home cinema screen for you. AEON. The AEON series is a frame screen that uses the frameless design developed by Elite Screens. This means the screen does not use a visible frame surrounding the screen like traditional framed screens. This allows a larger visible area and the screen appears slimmer, so that it fits better into modern living space concepts.

The design uses an internal frame that is enclosed by the screen material, resembling a giant flat panel. It allows you to choose between different types of cloth. The standard is the matt white cloth. The Ambient Light cloth, which absorbs ambient light and enhances light and contrast, is optionally available. There is also the option to use an acoustic transparent material.

A thin velvet ribbon is included in delivery that you can use as a mask. The wall brackets allow horizontal shifting to center the image. LED all-round lighting with remote control is also available as an option. With one connection, multiple screens can be assembled into a large format display for commercial applications.

The award-winning CineWhite is a stretched, matte white fabric with a gain factor of 1.1 and an excellent neutral color temperature. The optionally available CineGrey 3D is an ISF-certified, stray light-reducing material that enables brilliant picture quality in daylight. The reflective material includes a diffusing layer. The light from the projector is directed directly into the viewer's field of vision and prevents stray light from impairing the image. The gray layer increases the contrast. The polarizing material is also suitable for passive 3D. Both fabrics are compatible with 4K UHD projectors. The AEO series has a moderate entry price and is available in several formats and sizes. It has not only been developed for evening cinema, but also for daily television and gaming. Its unobtrusive design also makes it ideal for public spaces, libraries, sports bars, hotels and other commercial applications. With the AEON series you can bring a picture size to your home cinema that is far from what today's televisions can offer. It starts at 100 inches diagonally and is available up to 150 inches. This enables fascinating, unbelievable 3.30 width viewing experiences. AEON guarantees that you really get a lot of picture for your money.