The brand new Saker Tab Tensioned acoustic UHD motor screen. High quality and processing for an excellent audio-video performance. Finely tuned screen cloth to get the best performance out of your sound system and your 4K projector. The Saker Tensioned Acoustic Pro UHD screen was developed for this. This Elite Screens motor screen uses an acoustically transparent fabric with a perfect flatness and a fine coating suitable for UHD/4K projectors. In the same way that a professional cinema combines picture and sound from the same source, the Saker Acoustic Pro creates this incomparable atmosphere in your living room with its uniquely stretched, finely perforated fabric. The fine perforation allows the sound of the loudspeakers positioned behind it to be guided through the screen without reducing the picture quality. Another step towards perfect flatness is that this new type of canvas material enables a tab tension system, which further improves flatness.

Coated with a GAIN Factor 1 coating, the Acoustic Pro Ultra High Definition fabric has such fine perforation that it works perfectly with FullHD and 4K projectors. The micro perforation in the fabric is virtually invisible from a normal viewing distance. The sound from the speakers behind the screen pass through the fabric with minimal loss and without causing any visible artifacts such as the moiré effect. The cloth has a black border on all sides of the image to increase the perceived contrast and to absorb any stray light from the projector. An additional black lead is also available so that the screen can also be mounted on high ceilings. The scope of delivery includes a complete package with an infrared remote control, a wireless remote control and a 3-way wall switch. The wireless remote control can also be used as a wireless 12 volt trigger to raise and lower the screen in sync with projector start or stop. Also included is an additional infrared eye and a short trigger cable. The aluminum housing of the Saker Tensions series is designed for wall and ceiling mounting and includes extensive installation material and even a small spirit level. With the purchase of this outstanding product you also receive excellent service. Elite Screens Europe GmbH has its central warehouse for Europe in Hamburg and can help you as quickly as possible should a defect occur again. A 2-year manufacturer's guarantee is of course standard. If you wish, you can also purchase our 3-year all-round carefree package. The Acoustic Pro UHD fabric is only available in Europe in the Saker and Evanesce in-ceiling series. Elite's Acoustic Pro UHD cloth brings sound and image together. Tags: acoustically transparent, tensioned, motor screen, acoustically transparent projector screen