4K or Ultra HD is the new video standard to which consumers, film studios and television stations will be switching over the next few years. Elite Screens Europe offers the following 4K UHD suitable screen series:

Saker Tension
Saker Tension Acoustic UHD
Power Max Tension
Peregrin frame canvas
Lunette Curved frame canvas
4K or Ultra HD for home means four times the resolution of HD TV, which has a resolution of 1920 pixels wide and 1080 pixels high. 4K Ultra HD, on the other hand, has

at least 3840 pixels wide and 2160 pixels high. That means 4 times as many pixels as HD. The requirements of a

4K screens increase enormously. Accurate color reproduction and perfect flatness are necessary to enjoy the benefits of the new 4K/UHD standard. As a result of these more than 8 million pixels, you get a sharper and more detailed image, allowing you to sit closer to the screen. This is good news, especially for fans of home cinema and photography. There are currently only a handful of true 4K/ Ultra HD projectors on the market. The largest range comes from Sony, but JVC and Epson also offer models for the new standard. The lion's share of attention is being devoted to higher resolution, although the new video standard offers other advantages. A very important point is the extended color space. HD signals are limited to the REC 709 color space, while 4K/UltradHD promises the REC 2020, which is much larger and covers almost 76% of the color spectrum visible to humans. The result is a richer, more realistic image on the screen.

The bit depth is also expanded compared to HD. 4K/Ultra HD also improves the dynamic range, resulting in brighter and higher-contrast images. It also supports higher frame rates per second, which translates into smoother motion for fast-moving objects. The move from HD to 4K/Ultra HD will not happen overnight. However, when buying a screen, you should make sure that it supports the advantages of 4K Ultra HD in the best possible way. We therefore recommend that you stretch a motor screen with our CineWhite fabric or MaxWhite fiberglass fabric for perfect flatness and color reproduction. For fans of perfect sound, we offer our special acoustic 4K/UHD fabrics for our frame and motorized screens. A very special treat for 4K/UHD enthusiasts is our ISF-certified Cinegrey 3D material for frame screens that meets the highest requirements.