How to Clean Your Projection Screen - Elite screens
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How to Clean Your Projection Screen - Elite screens

Comprehensive Guide to Cleaning Projection Screens

 1. Manufacturer Recommendations
Before cleaning your projection screen, always refer to the user guide, contact the manufacturer, or visit their website for specific cleaning instructions.

2. Cleaning Guidelines
General Caution: Some solvents can damage or permanently stain screen materials. Ensure you know the appropriate cleaning agents.

Cleaning by Material Type
- Matte White/Grey, Rear-Projection, Acoustically Transparent Screens:
- Use a dry, lint-free microfiber cloth.
- For stubborn stains, use a damp microfiber cloth with warm, soapy water. Avoid excessive pressure.
- Wipe in a left-to-right motion, never circular.
- For tough spots, a Q-tip with alcohol can be used gently.

- Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR-CLR®) Screens:
- Blot gently with a damp microfiber cloth using distilled water.
- For sticky spots, use a mix of Formula 409 and water, but do not spray directly on the screen.
- Avoid other solvents and never roll up the screen while wet.

3. Addressing Wrinkles
- Retractable/Roll-Up Screens: Keep open to allow gravity to flatten them.
- Portable Screens: Ensure full assembly for natural stretching.
- Heat Application: Use a hairdryer on a medium setting, making light side-to-side passes. Avoid steamers as they can cause damage.

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