UST or standard projector?
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UST or standard projector?

What screen material should be used for which projector?

UST or ultra short throw projector / beamers

Ultra-short-throw, or UST, is a designation for a special group of projectors that project a very large image from a minimal distance from the screen. The following types of screen fabric are compatible with UST projectors:
  • StarBright CLR (Grey matt screens - Ceiling light rejection)
  • CLR3 (Grey matt screens -  Ceiling light rejection)
  • FALR (Silver color screens - Ceiling and ambient light rejection)
  • AcousticPro (Matt White, acoustically transparent screen for placing the speakers behind the screen - only the fixed-framed series)
  • CineWhite (Matt-White screens - only the fixed-framed series)


Normal projectors / beamers

Normal projectors are a common type of projector with a larger distance to the screen. The required distance between the screen and the projector depends on the width of the image and the type of screen. Basically, the following rule of thumb can be observed: The minimum distance between screen and projector should be 1.5 times the screen width. The suitable canvas types are::
  • Cinewhite 
  • CineGrey (3D, 4D und 5D - High contrast screens)
  • DayWalker DW3 ( High contrast screen)
  • MaxWhite
  • MaxWhite FG
  • Wrathveil (rare projection on the screens)
  • Wrathveil Dual (Front and rare projection on the screens)
  • AcousticPro (Matt White, acoustically transparent screen for placing the speakers behind the screen )
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