Framed Screens vs. Electric Screens
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Framed Screens vs. Electric Screens

What is the difference between fixed framed and electric projection screens?


Electric Screens

Electric or motorized projection screens can be used in conference rooms and in private areas. Elite Screens has various motorized screen series for different applications (wall & ceiling mounting, motorized floor-up screen or in-ceiling recessed screens). Motorized screens can be controlled by the included remote controls. The RF remote control also offers the option of lowering the screen as soon as the projector is switched on. Motorized screens offer the advantage over frame screens that the screen can disappear from view when it's not in use.



Wall vs. Ceiling projection screens


One popular screentype in the motorized category is the in-ceiling recessed screen. An in-ceiling installation set is included in the delivery to mount the screen housing in the ceiling. Once mounted, the screen can be controlled using the included wall switch or remote controls. The flush-to-ceiling enclosure hides the screen when it's not in use.
Elite Screens also has a line of floor rising motorized screens. Floor rising motor screens can be integrated into furniture and are suitable for the use in areas where wall or ceiling mounting is not an option.
The most common installation for motorized screens is wall or ceiling mounting. Elite Screens offers various series from the entry-level to the professional area with different types of screen materials. Tab-tension series are equipped with tensioning system on the sides which  prevents the edges of the screen from curling up, which can occur with screens without a tab tension system. In addition, this system improves the flatness of the canvas.

Advantages & Disadvantages compared to a frame screen

  • Space-saving
  • Discreet design for every room
  • Made from high-end materials


  • Power supply required for use
  • not suitable for all projector types



Framed Screens

Framed screens are mounted directly on the wall, similar to a large flat screen. They are usually found in living rooms, cinemas or seminar rooms. The main advantage of framed screens is perfect screen material flatness.
Framed screens can be easily mounted on any wall surface due to the lower weight compared to motorized screens.
Elite Screens offers framed screens in various designs. The customer has the choice between visible or invisible frames. The Lunette Curved series offers a curved frame for the special cinematic effect and more image depth. There is a large selection of screen materials for the different frames in order to be able to achieve optimal picture results in different environments.

Pros and Cons in comparison to motorized screens:

  • large selection of screen materials for a wide variety of projector types
  • perfect screen material flatness
  • available with different frame designs
  • smaller shipping packaging thus easier handling


  • static installation


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